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NESA Carports and patio canopies

Do you want a nice, sturdy and safe carport for your car? Or perhaps you would like to relax outside under a patio canopy. NESA carports and patio canopies are top-quality products that protect you and your car against wind and weather.

Our carports protect your car against rain, hail, bird droppings and everything that falls from above. It also allows you to get into your car without getting wet. No need to dash from you home to your car. Simply step into your car, nice and dry thanks to a NESA carport. Our carports can also be used as covered play areas or storage areas.

You can enjoy your patio and garden to the full with our patio canopies. You can stay dry when it rains and in the summer you will be nice and cool in the shade of your NESA patio canopy. You can hang out the laundry if there is a chance of a shower, eat al fresco with family and friends or just relax outside on a lovely summer evening. A NESA patio canopy means you can do all of this.

All our products are galvanised against corrosion and finished with an oven cured polyester coating. This means our carports and patio canopies are protected against corrosion and scratches. They are long-lasting and can cope with knocks and bashes. Be sure to have look at our products and discover all the options available. For more information, please get in touch using the contact form.

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