NESA Carports and patio canopies

NESA Carports

NESA carports

NESA carports are the ideal cover for your car. No need to suffer from damaged paintwork or bird droppings on the roof of your car. Your car will also be protected against hail and the windscreen freezing. You won't get soaked running to your car in the rain when you have a NESA carport.

Our carports are easy to install. The carport can easily be mounted on one wall. Perhaps you have more than one car. Then you can simply install a number of carports in line. Our carports are also excellent to use as cover for a play area or for storage space.

NESA's craftsmen can build a carport to your specifications and can prepare them for you as a self-build project. We can supply flat or arched roof carports. NESA carports are made using certified materials in an environmentally friendly way. They are galvanised and finished with a polyester coating that ensures a beautiful, even colour that also protects against scratches. This means your carport will last longer and can cope with a knock or two.

Interested in a NESA carport? Or would you like to receive more information? You can always reach us using the contact form. We will reply promptly.