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NESA Double wire fencing

Are you looking for resilient fencing that you can easily see through? Then this double wire fencing will definitely be of interest to you. This double wire fencing is really multifaceted and can be used at all sorts of locations. It can be used on squares, sports fields, campsites, stations, but also for private homes.

Double wire fencing can also be an ideal framework to grow ivy on. The metal frame is coated to protect against corrosion. The double wire fencing is cross-braced and thus provides a sturdy surrounding fence work. The double wire fencing is securely fixed at the base using concrete bases that neatly form part of the design.

They are available in both a traditional style and in a sleek, modern style that will fit in perfectly with your own home. You choose exactly what you want your fencing to look like. Our craftsmen will make your fence to your precise specification in our workshop in Maaseik.

Do you have any questions or specific wishes regarding the double wire fencing you require? Then please do get in touch with us.