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NESA Steel fencing

With steel fencing, you have all sorts of options. You can go with a classic look or opt for a more modern, sleek style. You can choose fencing that fits in with your home from our range or have them totally custom made by our craftsmen. At NESA you can always count on top quality fencing.

At NESA we insist on craftsmanship from start to finish. It all starts with what the customer wants. We pay close attention to what you say and want to ensure we can deliver the custom made fencing you want. The materials which we use at NESA are always EN-ISO certified. Processing and finishing of materials into finished products always takes place in an environmentally friendly way. Your steel fencing is treated with a corrosion resistant zinc layer, just like our other products. A polyester coating ensures the colour finish is neat and even and protects against scratches.

Steel fencing offer robust, solid enclosures in all styles. Do you want a classic style? Then we can carefully forge ornamentation for your steel fencing. Perhaps you would prefer a sleeker look? Our skilled craftsmen in Maaseik can make sleek fencing with simple lines and slender shapes.

Get in touch with us and discover what options are available for our fencing.

NESA classic fences NESA classic fences