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NESA Kennels and stables

Keeping animals demands plenty of time and attention, but also space. NESA kennels and stables provide your pets with their own little home. Our kennels and stables are made of top-quality materials and can cope with being knocked. NESA has also put some thought into hygiene aspects of our kennels and stables. Your pet will be safe, clean and comfortable.

We have experience of building and installing kennels for private individuals and organisations, such as dog breeders and the police force. The safety and comfort of animals is of paramount importance.

NESA not only takes care of the fencing for kennels and stables. We can also supply drinks bowls and systems as well as cages/pens. All kennels and stables are custom built in Maaseik. Our skilled craftsmen will build the perfect kennel or stables for your animals.

Would you like to know more about NESA kennels and stables? Please send us a message using the contact form.

NESA dog kennels NESA dog kennels