NESA Kennels and stables

NESA dog kennels

With NESA dog kennels the comfort, hygiene and security of your dog is paramount. A dog kennel is not a cage, but a place where your dog needs to feel at home. Keeping dogs is a big responsibility, but providing the best living conditions is equally important.

For this reason we build our NESA dog kennels from the best quality, hygienic materials that can cope with the odd bash or two. The possibilities for your dog kennel are practically endless. You can choose a kit, so that you can put the kennel together yourself, or opt to have the fully finished item. There is an enormous choice of materials. Bar door panels, mesh panels, sheet panels or full walls? At NESA we custom-build your dog kennel.

Would you like your dog kennel to have a drinking bowl or dog runs/pens? NESA can supply these as well. Our products are custom made for you and your dog in our workshop in Maaseik.

Interested or need more information? Drop us a line using the contact form. We will work with you to make sure your four-legged friend gets the perfect kennel.