NESA swing and sliding gates and fencing

NESA sleek and modern gates

A sleek gate is perfect to give your home a more modern look. Sleek, modern gates are characterised by strongly defined, geometrical shapes. In contrast to traditional gates, you don't have shapes or ornamentation. "Less is More" applies with modern gates. Simple lines and minimalist forms ensure that your modern gate fits in seamlessly in your home, no matter what type of architecture it is. A modern gate can fit in really well with a contemporary and classic style.

Modern NESA gates are protected against scratching and discolouration. A galvanised layer protects against corrosion and special polyester powder coatings ensure they are protected against scratches and provide a beautiful, permanent colour on all surfaces. With NESA, you can be assured of craftsmanship from start to finish.

All types of gates are available at NESA. Do you want modern swing gate or would you prefer a modern sliding gate? Black, white or perhaps beige? Everything is possible. Our craftsmen will manufacture a modern gate that is totally custom made in our workshop in Maaseik, Limburg.

Interested to know what the options are for a modern gate? Please get in touch with us and discover what we can do for you.

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